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“The Nia Technique is beneficial for everyone. By comparison, an average dance class is non-aerobic and tends to overuse some parts of the body while underusing others. 

Nia leaves the participant feeling massaged all over."


Noticing what feels-good for your body’s way is the first step in self-healing and in conditioning, which is defined as the stimulation of the physiology of exercise and as movement intimately involving the conscious interaction between the mind, body, emotions, spirit, and the functions
of one’s body’s brain, tissues, nerves, bones, and joints.


Nia conditioning is holistic. It always begins with self-healing, which is facilitated by the actions
of slowing down and listening to the voices of the body. In Nia, holistic conditioning includes cardiovascular, mindful, reflexive, and in some classes metabolic conditioning.
Combining self-healing and conditioning and relaxation is how we achieve developmentally and create long lasting sustainable results.


All through my life I have enjoyed dancing and moving to music in any form.

My dance life began as a child with various styles including Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary among many others and I still teach all of these styles today.


In my 20s I started to take my body and movement studies further and fell in love with Yoga and Ayurveda which let me to my Yoga teacher certification.


I've found Nia in a time of deep dispair 15 years ago. A friend invited me to a women health conference where Nia was presented. I was intrigued and took my white belt the next month and found myself teaching immediately jumping in the big unknown! Ever since Nia became a big part of my life and a big part

of my self-care and healing regimen.


For me it is a great platform and opportunity to help and guide others
and learn from my students in return.


I am now a Nia Black Belt and currently offer

ongoing movement classes in person and on zoom (by request) through NIAWORKS.

Patrizia Melega-Jones

"I've danced since I've had consciousness. It's simply in my DNA. You can't escape who you are."

Yoga at Home


In Person Classes

Monday 6:30-7:45pm

and Wednesday


Private Session


a private  lesson

I had come to a point in my life when I decided i was not going to do any exercise that didn't make me smile. And I found NIA. It's fun, energizing and relaxing too. I am so much more flexible and stronger than I was before NIA. It stimulates your body and your mind. What could be better than barefoot no impact dancing? Everyone dances to their own level. Routines change frequently so it's never boring. Come join the fun.  
Jane V.
Yoga Practice

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